Drains out….

July 17, 2013. I can’t say anything positive about drains except when they are removed. That is a happy moment!

I had one drain put in when my plastic surgeon put in an implant to replace the tissue expander. Six very looooong days of what I am hoping is my very last drain forever.

For me this was the end of my surgery journey. My reconstruction is still fabulous, and I am cancer free to this day.

Thank you to my skilled surgeons. I look amazing!



Reconstruction four year anniversary…..

July 11, 2013 I had my tissue expander removed (hallelujah!), and replaced with an implant (yay!).

Happiest day ever! If you have had the experience of a tissue expander In your chest for seven months, coupled with going through radiation, you know what I am talking about!

Four years later, my reconstruction still continues to be fantastic. I have no problems. And I’m still rocking a slightly too tight, low cut shirt better than most.

Thanks Dr. Lawton!

Mastectomy day has arrived….

December 10, 2012, the day had finally arrived. I had a single mastectomy with reconstruction. Surgery consisted of my breast surgeon Dr. Lisa Guerra removing my breast, and my plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawson putting in a tissue expander. I was traumatized the weeks leading up to the surgery. I went in kicking and screaming.

Four years later I’m healthy and happy, with that fateful day fading from my memory and emotion. Almost feels like that whole experience never happened.

Today, saturday December 10, 2016, I’m getting ready for a Christmas party.  Hair, makeup, and of course a low cut fitted shirt. My bosom looks fantastic. No one looking at me can tell I had a mastectomy. No one can tell I had breast  cancer. I feel pretty, confident, and frankly, pretty freakin hot.

Merry Christmas!


A single mastectomy is recommended…..

words Dr. Lisa Guerra said to me on November 1, 2012, two days after I was told I had cancer. Layman’s words: “I have to remove your favorite body part.” Devastation. I wailed almost daily following that bit of news. Couldn’t wrap my brain, arms, heart, or anything else around it. I loved my breasts. They looked great and brought me such great pleasure. I couldn’t imagine my life without one of them.

Thankfully Dr. Guerra was patient and sensitive, and walked me through my reconstruction options. She referred me to a plastic surgeon, and my journey to a mastectomy with reconstruction began.

Sitting here now, I don’t even think about that I had a mastectomy. Sure once in a while, I’ll see a woman on TV with a beautiful set of what looks like real breasts naked and I experience a slight pang. What was….what could have been….if only…. But, then I turn the channel and move on. I forget all about that day four years ago. Thankfully.