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Drains out….

July 17, 2013. I can’t say anything positive about drains except when they are removed. That is a happy moment!

I had one drain put in when my plastic surgeon put in an implant to replace the tissue expander. Six very looooong days of what I am hoping is my very last drain forever.

For me this was the end of my surgery journey. My reconstruction is still fabulous, and I am cancer free to this day.

Thank you to my skilled surgeons. I look amazing!



Reconstruction four year anniversary…..

July 11, 2013 I had my tissue expander removed (hallelujah!), and replaced with an implant (yay!).

Happiest day ever! If you have had the experience of a tissue expander In your chest for seven months, coupled with going through radiation, you know what I am talking about!

Four years later, my reconstruction still continues to be fantastic. I have no problems. And I’m still rocking a slightly too tight, low cut shirt better than most.

Thanks Dr. Lawton!

Mastectomy day has arrived….

December 10, 2012, the day had finally arrived. I had a single mastectomy with reconstruction. Surgery consisted of my breast surgeon Dr. Lisa Guerra removing my breast, and my plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawson putting in a tissue expander. I was traumatized the weeks leading up to the surgery. I went in kicking and screaming.

Four years later I’m healthy and happy, with that fateful day fading from my memory and emotion. Almost feels like that whole experience never happened.

Today, saturday December 10, 2016, I’m getting ready for a Christmas party.  Hair, makeup, and of course a low cut fitted shirt. My bosom looks fantastic. No one looking at me can tell I had a mastectomy. No one can tell I had breast  cancer. I feel pretty, confident, and frankly, pretty freakin hot.

Merry Christmas!


Reconstruction anniversary 3 years later….

July 11, 2013, seven months to the day after my mastectomy I had reconstruction. It was a HAPPY day and one I will never forget. Having said that, I have moved on. I don’t need to keep writing about that surgery. You can read about it in my past blogs. What I do want to write about is where my life is at three years later:

1) I’m healthy! Cancer free. Yay!

2) I feel fantastic.

3) Today I am getting on a plane for Nashville, TN. Never been there before. While it’s a work trip, it’s all paid for. I get to see my customers, LUV. I get to see my work colleagues, LUV.  And we cap the week off with a show at The Grand Ole Opry. What a lucky girl I am.

4) Got up early this morning and went to the gym before flying. I’m working on my strength. That is always a work in progress. I’ve recently started working out with a trainer. A young man who told me he is known as the toughest trainer in his gym and admittedly has had to scale back to work with me. What’s been amazing is his interest and commitment to learning about how to train someone following a mastectomy. He knew nothing about all of this. He’s not afraid to talk about it, and he’s not afraid to ask me questions. I admire that.

5) I’m happy.

I want to give a shoutout, high five, kudos, great job to all of us sistahs who have gone through this very difficult surgery called: mastectomy. Single or double, preventative or necessary, reconstruction or no reconstruction, it’s a tough surgery. Even the trainer after reading all about it, said to me: “That’s quite a surgery”.  I thought to myself:  Yep, we rock, we’re badass.

Oh, and three years later, I still have the best tatas in town. Thanks Dr. Lawton.

Reconstruction day finally arrived….

July 11, 2013 I had my reconstruction surgery, seven months to the day after my mastectomy.  The tissue expander was removed and replaced with an implant. Other side – a lift and a small implant. Voila! I looked MUCH better, but even better, felt 100 times better. Can’t say I loved the tissue expander. It felt like a bowling ball sauntered to my rib cage.  I was miserable most of the seven months. But, all miserable things usually come to an end,  including a hard tissue expander. My plastic surgeon worked wonders, she extracted the bowling ball from my chest never to be seen or felt again. Hallelujah!!

I remember waking up from anesthesia and it went through my mind repeatedly: it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over. For me , the whole horrible ordeal called breast cancer was over. Life began anew with my new breast. Then as I was able to begin speaking I remember asking: “how do they look, how do they look?”  And then someone said: “fine”, and shut me up! All I cared about at that moment was how I looked or hoped I looked. It was all I thought about for seven months.

Two years later I look and feel amazing.  My bosom looks fabulous. I’m so grateful that I’m healthy and so grateful that I had access to amazing surgeons. Thank you Dr. Lisa Guerra and Dr. Tenley Lawton.  You did good, you made a difference.