Single mastectomy six years ago today….

it was Monday December 10, 2012. The surgery was scheduled for 3pm.

I took pictures of my breasts that morning. I printed out one of the pictures and I look at it from time to time. My breasts were stunning, perfect. I was blessed as they say.  Definitely my best asset, my best body part. I was tall, blonde, with beautiful, perfect tatas.

At that time I was was so sad, actually devastated at the thought of a mastectomy. But I came to terms with the surgery and made the decision to move forward with it. I have never looked back. Six years later that day is a faded memory.  I am just fine with how I look today. It’s who I am. I feel good! Thankfully I continue to be cancer free and have NO problems at all with my implant and reconstruction.  Thank you Dr. Lisa Guerra and Dr. Tenley Lawton!

I’m flying out on Wednesday to Houston, TX. Going to visit a friend that I have known since we were 15 years old. Icing on the cake is that we are going to see the Lakers play the Rockets. I am going to wear a VERY tight shirt to celebrate my amazing reconstructed bosom along with my good health. I might even wear a tight RED shirt to support the Rockets red, but  I will secretly be rooting for the Lakers!

If you had told me six years ago that I would be expressing these happy words I would have said you are crazy! Thus I share my happiness with you to show that there can be a great, happy, healthy life after a breast cancer diagnosis and after a mastectomy.





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