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Reconstruction four year anniversary…..

July 11, 2013 I had my tissue expander removed (hallelujah!), and replaced with an implant (yay!).

Happiest day ever! If you have had the experience of a tissue expander In your chest for seven months, coupled with going through radiation, you know what I am talking about!

Four years later, my reconstruction still continues to be fantastic. I have no problems. And I’m still rocking a slightly too tight, low cut shirt better than most.

Thanks Dr. Lawton!

Reconstruction day finally arrived….

July 11, 2013 I had my reconstruction surgery, seven months to the day after my mastectomy.  The tissue expander was removed and replaced with an implant. Other side – a lift and a small implant. Voila! I looked MUCH better, but even better, felt 100 times better. Can’t say I loved the tissue expander. It felt like a bowling ball sauntered to my rib cage.  I was miserable most of the seven months. But, all miserable things usually come to an end,  including a hard tissue expander. My plastic surgeon worked wonders, she extracted the bowling ball from my chest never to be seen or felt again. Hallelujah!!

I remember waking up from anesthesia and it went through my mind repeatedly: it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over. For me , the whole horrible ordeal called breast cancer was over. Life began anew with my new breast. Then as I was able to begin speaking I remember asking: “how do they look, how do they look?”  And then someone said: “fine”, and shut me up! All I cared about at that moment was how I looked or hoped I looked. It was all I thought about for seven months.

Two years later I look and feel amazing.  My bosom looks fabulous. I’m so grateful that I’m healthy and so grateful that I had access to amazing surgeons. Thank you Dr. Lisa Guerra and Dr. Tenley Lawton.  You did good, you made a difference.

Life begins anew today….

July 17, 2013 – DRAIN OUT! Life begins…..

Last year I had one drain in for seven days. There is no better feeling than when that drain comes out.  And my doctor took my ace bandage off that my bosom was swaddled in and I finally got to see what I looked like. I cried I was so happy, I looked so good. Now I realize good is subjective. But compared to how I looked the past seven months, I thought I looked AMAZING! I was so happy, the surgery meant everything to me.


Day two of recovery…

July 13, 2013, my 2nd day of recovery. Feel pretty good. But I do have one drain in. The dreaded drain (double d).  Drains suck. But doc told me I will only have to have it in for a few days, not two weeks like I did with my mastectomy.  I’m completely bandaged wrapped, so I have to peek inside to see what I look like. So far so good. Very exciting!

Surgery day 2013…

The day finally arrived. July 11, 2013 my plastic surgeon removed the hard tissue expander that had been in me for seven LONG months. For most of those months it felt like a bowling ball soldered on my rib cage. She replaced it with an implant. On my other (real) side, she worked her magic, put in a small implant, and voila I woke up with a new bosom. The way I remember coming out of anesthesia is that all that was running through my head was “it’s over, it’s over, it’s over”. And then as I was able to speak I kept asking “How do they look? How do they look?” And someone said “They look fine”.

I was bandaged, sore, out of it, but they got me up, I got dressed, and my ride drove me home.  I was SO HAPPY! The hard feeling from the tissue expander was completely relieved. In fact the mastectomy side wasn’t really even sore, just the other side was. But it was okay. I could see how good I looked and that was what mattered to me.

It was over. Seven long months and it was finally over.