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You have breast cancer…..

Four words said to me at 3:15pm October 30, 2012 at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.  DEVASTATING!

Today, five years later I am cancer free, healthy, and in Las Vegas celebrating. Why did I come to Vegas? Because I can. I’m so grateful that today is a good day and I have the health and liberty to do as I please. I hope I never have to repeat that fateful day five years ago. My heart goes out to all the women and men who have and will hear those same four awful words.

So with the intent of offering hope to others, I am a success story. I’m not grateful I had cancer, I wish it never happened.  I wish I had my real breast back, I really liked it.  But cancer did happen to me, and I did have a single mastectomy. I am living proof that five years after a breast cancer diagnosis, one can not only survive but can thrive as well. I feel fantastic and can rock a fitted tee in Vegas better than most. #breastreconstruction

Life after breast reconstruction…

has been great. So much so, I don’t  have a lot to write about. I’ve already chronicled my journey in detail here. 22 months after my reconstruction surgery, my life has resumed back to normal. Nothing new to report. I still continue to be healthy, I feel good and I look great. No encapsulation, no discomfort. My tatas, well okay my implants, look and feel good.  I can wear any type of shirt or bathing suit. And I’m very comfortable with how I look sans an undergarment. I have found that men could care less about how I look. In fact, they think I’m kind of hot….which is a chuckle, but I’ll take their words of encouragement and support any day.