You have breast cancer…..

Six years ago today I heard those devastating words. 

Today I am in Boston for the purpose and sheer enjoyment of attending a Celtics game. Yes, I am a huge NBA fan. I flew all the way from California just to attend a game. Why? Because I can. Because fortunately for me six years later I continue to be cancer free and healthy. I feel great. I write this not with the intention of sounding flippant. I write this with the intent of sharing hope. That there can be light at the end of the tunnel. I guess in my own way, I have a happy ending. 

Am I grateful I had cancer? No. I wish it had never happened. Am I happy I had my favorite body part amputated? No. I’d take my real breast back in a heartbeat. Cancer did not change my life for the better in anyway. I didn’t learn any lessons from it. I didn’t make any changes to my life because of it. I wish I had never had cancer and wish I never had to have a mastectomy. But cancer did happen and I did have a mastectomy. That’s my reality.  And I choose to focus on the positive. I’m cancer free. I had fantastic surgeons. And I’m really happy I had the reconstruction that I did.

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